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Roger Davis
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I'm writing one great song before I....

Roger Davis is an all-around scruffy-looking guy in his mid-twenties: wavy, shoulder-length hair, hazel eyes, and a build that might have been attractively wiry before several years of heroin addiction and the resulting withdrawal. He always has a pager clipped to his waistband (though it's usually hidden underneath his shirt) and usually carries a vial of AZT in his back pocket.

He comes from late November 1996 -- about a month before the start of the musical RENT -- because his mun takes an unholy joy in mucking with established Millicanon. *halo* As of 11/29/05, Roger has been retconned as originally coming from late November 1989, as per moviecanon; with his return to the bar, he's now from late 1991.

Disclaimer: Not real. Not mine. Jonathan Larson's (or his estate's, I guess, to be more accurate). It's all for milliways_bar. Some icons were created with images from Adam-Pascal.com.